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Microsoft Sidewinder Pro Dual Strike
by Voxeros (11th October 99)

Sidewinder Pro Dual Strike Features
Programmable buttons The SideWinder Dual Strike has 6 programmable buttons, 2 triggers, an 8-way d-pad, and a shift button.
Rotating right pod Dual Strike allows the first person gamer to more easily control difficult moves like strafing and circle strafing, while also enhancing the ability to aim at targets in the game.
Left pod The left hand controls agility movements for running, dodging, and side-stepping.
Game schemes Includes 20 pre-defined game schemes from popular games.
Plug-and-play Uses USB technology for easy plug-and-play.
SideWinder Game Controller Software Includes SideWinder Game Controller Software for customizing settings and programming buttons and triggers.

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Just when we thought we have reached the end of gaming peripherals, Microsoft has once again made us eat our shoe with the introduction of the Sidewinder Dual Strike.

With a suggested retail price at S$88.00, this game controller will prove to be a hit with all gamers out there without having the price as an obstacle.

This controller will mean the end of keyboard cum mouse gaming combination which up to date, none of us are still comfortable with. The main problem with keyboard-mouse combination is that you need three hands to effectively master it (two on the keyboard and one on the mouse). So the most obvious question would be "How is it possible to play with only two hands?"

With the Sidewinder Dual Strike, Microsoft has hit the bulls-eye spot on with this gadget. To use the game controller, you will have to hold it like any other game pad. The right portion of the controller allows you to rotate left-to-right as well as front-to-back. The right thumb controls 4 buttons while the left thumb controls an eight-way hat switch, 2 buttons and a shift button. On both sides of the controller comes two trigger button for each hand.

While holding it for the very first time, it was a small wonder to start thinking about Tomb Raider III, Quake 2 and other first-persons and action/adventure games. Straffing and directional looking can be easily accomplished by this wonderful controller. The shift key, without have to place more buttons on the controller, not only allows more functions to be performed but also facilitates a clean, uncluttered (too many buttons) and elegant look.

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All in all, this Sidewinder Dual Strike is a winner. However, one has to keep in mind that the purchase of this product will be an add-on to your system setup, but it will never be able to replace the joystick completely. In addition, because of the new concept in the usage of the controls, getting to learn and master the device will become a game by itself. An important point to note is that it will be unsettling for most gamers in the beginning. It is common to experience a dip in gamers skill performance due to unfamiliarity with the device. Perhaps it is only right to acknowledge we should not blame the device for our poor play in the initial stages, which we are all so prone to. A true gamer never blames his tools of trade. Hence, put forth the challenge and bite the bullet. Master and not to be enslaved by it.

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Overall Rating
(Out of a maximum of 5 Star)

Installation ****
Performance *****
Price ***1/2
Software Bundle ***
Build Quality ****
Overall Rating ****

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