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ASUS AGP-V3000ZXTV Riva 128ZX Review

Date: 14th October 98
by Samuel Setoh Kok Hong


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Another one of the Riva 128ZX chipset based 2D/3D graphics card, the ASUS AGP-V3000ZXTV is one mid-range performer packed with a whole load of functions. Bundled with TV out and Video in, this card has almost everything to cater for your graphical desire. The quality of the PCB and the design of the card is just as what we can expect from any ASUS product. A well fitted heatsink on the graphics processor ensures well dissipation of heat, and thus a probably higher frequency which might account for the 6 - 10fps increase in performance compared with some other Riva 128ZX based cards.

The installation was easy enough for dummies to learn and follow. Just simply plug in and follow the instructions closely in the manual and you are set to run it with no hassle at all. ASUS no hassle installation program does it all.

The goodies in the package are as follows.

  • ASUS AGP-V3000ZXTV accelerator card
  • Installation manual
  • 1x S-VHS Cable
  • 1x Composite Cable
  • ASUS Driver and Utility CD w/ Live3000 Video Capturing Software and VCD player
  • Full version of the game, Incoming


Video Card Specifications

Interface AGP 2x
Chipset Riva 128ZX
Ram 8 MB 100MHz Etrontech SGRAM -10
Data Path 128-bit
Video Input / TV Output Composite / S-Video
Video Acceleration MPEG-I, MPEG-II, Indeo
Supported Resolutions 640 x 480 - 1920 x 1200
Supported Refresh Rates 60 - 200 Hz Vertical Refresh

The Good

The AGP-V3000ZXTV, similar to the V2740TV from ASUS, has support for simultaneous display of TV and Monitor. The Video-In function supports up to a still image capture size of up to 1760x1440 (PAL) and 1760x1200 (NTSC), which is one of the highest i have seen among all graphics card. As usual, the high RAMDAC provided for in the Riva 128ZX chipset yielded high refresh rates of up to 200Hz at 640x480 and 75Hz at 1920x1200. ASUS drivers probably is the reason that accounts for the higher performance when compared to the other Riva 128ZX card when reviewed. The card might be clocked higher and thus explained for the presence of the heatsink for greater heat dissipation. The ASUS Display Control Properties allows for flexible and very customizable control over the features of the card, noticeably in the OpenGL, 3D functions, TV out function and Colour correction. I was pretty much impressed by the features ASUS had integrated into the drivers to encompass that of OpenGL and 3D functions.

The Benchmarks

BenchMarks on ASUS AGP-V3000ZXTV in Windows 98 with DirectX-6 update. OpenGL-ICD is also installed.


Benchmarking Softwares 640x480 800x600
WinTune 98 Direct3D 95.593 -
WinTune 98 OpenGL 67.041 -
WinTune 97 2D 49
Quake 2 Timedemo1 w/ OpenGL ICD 37.5 31.7
Wizmark 3.0 34942.9 --
Incoming 30.02 27.52

All test were conducted using the default drivers for both D3D and OpenGL provided for in the package as they were the only drivers available even on the ELSA website. Quake II version 3.17 was used for the test.

The Bad

This card is overall pretty well designed, and runs at a considerably high speed for both 3D/2D, has great features for the TV Out and Video In functions, allowing capturing of images at very high resolution. The only cons i can see from this is probably something that is inherent in all Riva 128 series chipset, which is the image quality which has always been one major setback when purchasing a Riva card.

Test System Configuration

Processor(s) INTEL Pentium II 233 (o/c to 266MHz)
Ram 64MB PC-100 Texas Instrument SDRAM
Motherboard Chaintech BX Pentium II Mainboard
HardDrive(s) IBM Deskstar8, 8.4GB
Operating System MS Windows 98 Build 4.10.1998
DirectX Version MS DirectX Version 6
Video Card(s) ASUS AGP-V3000ZXTV
Video Card Drivers Drivers Version 2.0


The ASUS AGP-V3000ZXTV is indeed one of the top notch Riva 128ZX based cards around in the market with all the features like TV out and Video In. The card is currently not available for sale in Singapore yet, but it is definitely worth considering if you are in need of a card that offers great video capturing and TV output. It will most probably be priced at a low S$200 and could be well worth the money with all the features included when compared to the other cards like the G200, Savage 3D, TNT and Banshee. Just as with all ASUS products, the quality and support is one to be reckoned with. Being able to support high resolutions and refresh rates, this card could well meet all your needs if your monitor can support such high refresh rates. A tough competitor to the 8mb, almost similarly priced Intel i740 based card like the V2740TV, but surpassing with better video capturing capabilities and features.


Overall Rating (Out of a maximum of 5 Star)

Installation *****
Performance ****
Price ***
Software Bundle ****
Material Quality ****
Overall Rating ****

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