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- Sound Cards Reviews -

NEW! Skywell Magic Live! 5.1 Channel PCI Sound Card
(dated 29 Aug 99 - Anurax Lian)
Terratec DMX Advanced Audio Accelerator
(dated 15 July 99 - Anurax Lian)
SoundForte Quad X-Treme PCI
(dated 27 June 99 - Anurax Lian)
Creative SoundBlaster Live!
(dated 29 May 99 - Anurax Lian)

SB Live

Aztech PCI 368
(dated 15 Mar 99 - Matthew Fam)

Aztech PCI 368

Aztech PCI 64-Q3D
(dated 17 Nov 98 - Matthew Fam)

Aztech PCI 64-Q3D

Premier Sound Cards roundup
(dated 11 Oct 98 - Matthew Fam)

DIAMOND MonsterSound MX300 PCI Sound CardAZTECH PCI 338-A3D PCIYAMAHA WaveForce 192XG PCI
CREATIVE Sound Blaster LIVE!CREATIVE Sound Blaster LIVE! Value PCI


Yamaha WaveForce 192XG PCI
(dated 29 June 98 - Jackie Lee)

Yamaha WaveForce 192XG PCI

Aztech SC 338 A3D PCI
(dated 19 June 98 - Matthew Fam)

Aztech SC338-A3D PCI Sound Card

TeraSound A3D PCI
(dated 16 June 98 - Matthew Fam)

TeraSound A3D PCI Sound Card

Diamond Monster Sound M80 PCI
(dated 07 June 98 - Matthew Fam)

Diamond Monster Sound M80

Shubert 128 A3D PCI
(dated 07 June 98 - Matthew Fam)

Schubert 128 A3D PCI Sound Card

S3 Sonic Vibes PCI
(dated 03 June 98 - Matthew Fam)

S3 Sonic Vibes PCI Sound Card



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